Stretching so long night of Jogja indeed is much sought

19 Dec 2015

Stretching so long night of  resep gudeg Jogja indeed is much sought after by students or tourists visiting Jogja. The city seems to every corner give memories for ever stop in the city. Culinary night in Yogyakarta is an obligation that must be traveled in order to complete will we enjoy the city.

Gudeg, special food of Yogyakarta is easy we  resep cumi goreng tepung find dijalan-jalan Jogja. Especially when we visit centers of warm in Wijilan are on the East side of the square North of Jogja, gudeg makers gathered there and peddle the companionship.

Gudeg is almost always favored to be enjoyed for breakfast. Therefore, gudeg sold enough night time can be counted on the fingers. But lovers of warm night actually is almost proportional to the connoisseur of warm as breakfast or lunch.

Gudeg Pawon Temple is one of the favorite spots of warm meal that is open the night. This new venue will be opened at 22:00 GMT, but don’t try to come on at 22:00 or longer if do not want to stand in line for long. Before the open, the connoisseur of warm already queued even 2 hours before the place was open.

Opening Hours Of Warm Pawon

The uniqueness of this gudeg pawon is served directly from the (Java) pawon meaning in English and in Indonesian is the kitchen. Yep, we will stand in line to take it in kitchen gudeg directly. While waiting we can see the process of making direct gudeg cooked on the stove.

Queue Gudeg Pawon
Prepare Orders Gudeg

A side dish of warm in this same as gudeg pawon-gudeg, i.e. chicken or the egg round. The time I choose free-range chicken wings, and diambilkan chest big enough, well okay hehe. The flavor of this gudeg savory not sweet, spicy Sambal kreceknya from pas and fluffier rice and a hungry stomach plus because of the hold to not eat dinner, then a sense of warm pawon is perfect, maknyusss!

Gudeg Pawon Plus Wing

One that is less than this is a limitation of the dining room. Membludaknya being made we cannot long tussle in this gudeg pawon. Moreover, a portion of the dining room this gudeg pawon borrowed emperan of neighboring stalls. So we obliged junjung observation and don’t make a sound that rowdy while eating it.

Oh yes, for the price because I was at my friend, buy less knows exactly the prices sometimes gudeg pawon, but approximately for a portion of warm chicken dish plus drink hot tea I tafsir roughly around 25ribuan, not cheap enough. Okay, for my conclusion of pawon gudeg is:

Do not eat in Jogja, gudeg pawon if not impetuous …

Do not eat in Jogja, gudeg, pawon late if it comes …

Do not eat in Jogja, gudeg, pawon if don’t want ADDICTIVE …

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