Menangguk Business Profit Ahead Of Christmas Pastries

19 Dec 2015

The end of each year, the great moment i.e. resep tiramisu kukus Christmas and the turn of the year took place close together. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to double the advantage.

One of them is the seller of the pastries. They confessed to ordering a resep lapis surabaya  minimum improvement gets 20% of the Moon is unusual. Turnover they join terkerek rises until it reaches the two-fold.

Many entrepreneurs exploit Christmas and new year to rake in profits doubled. One of them is the manufacturer of the cake. Due to the practical, many communities that celebrate Christmas better buy pastries rather than create your own.

In addition, the new year’s holiday also contributed to the demand for pastries that does little for snacks at various events pass through the turn of the new year.

One of the businessmen who this blessing was ketiban Yayuk Sri Rahayu brand brings the cake with Three Pearls Cake. The efforts already initiated since 2009 then it’s usually experienced increased sales in the two weeks before Christmas. Compared with the months usually, production capacity could be increased by 20%.

In addition to offering a wide range of pastries, sago, supporters such as chocolate, and peanuts, he also provides wet cake like brownies, banana cake, lapis legit, rainbow cake and pia. The most preferred consumer is lapis Surabaya, steamed chocolate brownies and did it,” he said.

Sale price from Rp 30000 cake up to Rp 150,000 per piece. With the help of 20 employees, Yayuk can produce 100 cartons bakpia per day and 300 cartons of wet cake every day. If being many orders, he could increase production to 2,000 2,000 pastries and filling cardboard boxes per month.

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