Gurame Pencok Ceurik, It Make People Cry Addicts

19 Dec 2015

he menu is fried carp or resep ikan asam manis  burned probably already no stranger to culinary connoisseurs.

But another story if carp is served with extra spicy sauce typical Sambara Tavern property of Bogor.


Resto that has Its Gurame jargon has  resep lontong sayur a menu of new gurame


We’ve got a new menu, Gurame Pencok Ceurik. It seemed to make people cry hooked, “said Slamet, Director of Kedai Sambara.


Gurame has fried seasoning typical Tavern sambara it seared chili taste spicy taste sensational.


Savory mixed spicy when meat is seared gurame sambal that goes into the mouth.


In addition, gurame is paired with pencok beans which is served with special seasoning.


Spicy sour sweet taste fresh when the pencok touch the tongue that eat it.


Cereal pencok ceurik gurame has some level of spiciness. In between the standard level with 10 Chili, chili with 20 second level, and level three with 30 chili.


“Here there are three levels of spiciness, and this is not the original spicy gurame, but this dish has a typical Tavern sambara,”


Resto that used to have the name of this, now Sambara Saung renamed with more menus and very indulgent culinary connoisseur.


The dishes cooked by chef Fariet (45) and Iwan Sahrul (32).


According to Fariet, the menu was presented to culinary connoisseurs to feel the sensations differ from the tavern Sambara.


This Menu we prepare for culinary lovers dish gurame, in order to be able to enjoy the thrill of a different

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