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19 Dec 2015

Want to tour the culinary? ATU feel cheap resep tahu gejrot  snacks from its original place try to come to the city of Cirebon. The city is quite strategic to reach by city city of West Java, Central Java, nor because it is on the border of the two provinces. This shrimp town could be  resep dimsum ayam one of the reference culinary tour or simply indulge your taste buds at the weekend. The city is very accessible from any city on the island of Java. In addition to the use of a motor vehicle, you can also go to Cirebon train ride.

In this city you can enjoy a variety of original specialties from Cirebon as many barrels, jambul, rice or jerked acid. But not many people know that a Street hawker as know gejrot comes from this town.

In Cirebon, there is a complex creation Know Gejrot is in the village Jatiseeng, district Ciledug, Cirebon district. Located 70 km to the East of the city of Cirebon and 5 km to the Northwest of the square of the Sub-District of Ciledug. There is a complex of factory knows which has been established since 1968, managed hereditary. The game has spread up to Bandung, Jakarta, Semarang and some other major cities in Java.

Know this already gejrot is identical as the one of the typical culinary of Cirebon. Know this initially gejrot specialties from East of Cirebon.

The criterion used to know ingredients know gejrot is the peculiarities of tahuyang it feels fresh, pale-colored with thick skin texture and content somewhat empty. This is the criterion that became know by know gejrot sumedang, know petis, know pong or know know more.

Know gejrot made from tofu diulek along with red onions and gravy of boiled brown sugar mixed with a little salt. Then mixed with results ulekan cayenne pepper and raw onion. The sensation when eating know gejrot derived from tofu that is empty and has sliced small so that it can absorb the gravy and very tasty when bitten.

How to penyajiann from know simple is indeed gejrot and maybe you can try it yourself at home. Simply slice the tofu into small pieces. Then prepare a gravy made from brown sugar. Then mix together tofu red onions and cayenne pepper that has been diulek before. After all mixed, flush the broth last to top out. And know gejrot are ready for when consumed.

But if you want to feel a genuine sense of gejrot know with artificial Cirebon, you can go visit the city. There are some sellers know the famous gejrot in Cirebon. Maybe if you were in the Cirebon, you can visit one of the sellers know that delicious gejrot. One of the sellers know gejrot famous Cirebon is know gejrot Adi who was in front of Sita by by. Being on the road near Wungkuk market Weak kanoman. Know gejrot Adi is not a store or merchant who wore a wheelbarrow, but uses a pole to peddle jajanannya. In this place, the price is very cheap, gejrot know only Rp 3000 per portions. After eating know gejrot Adi, you can also buy gift by in the sweetshop Sinta close from know gejrot Adi.

In addition to know gejrot Adi, you can also find the seller know gejrot elsewhere as there is in the square Kejaksan Square. In front of the square of the square usually a seller know gejrot. Hammpir all sellers know gejrot either residing in or outside of Cirebon Cirebon sell food using a pole and not a wagon. In addition traders usually know gejrot serves small plates above the tofu made of clay. That became the hallmark of gejrot know.

But the end of this final appear also some franchise called “D’gejrotz that sells know gejrot and scattered a few mall in Indonesia so you also do not need much much come to Cirebon to feel packed know gejrot.

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